​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Administrative Staff​

Carline BotesVice Principal-Elementary Campus Abu Dhabi​​ 
Alan MoodyA/Vice Principal-Elementary Campus Ruwais​ 
Karen Mohamad DanaA/Vice Principal-Female Campus Ruwais​ 

H​​ead of Departments (HOD’s) - Academic

​​Tanya Matthews
Head of English Department​ Abu Dhabi MS/HS​​​  
Pierre NamourHead of Science Department Abu Dhabi MS/HS​ 
Mohamed Omar MoussaHead of Arabic Department Abu Dhabi MS/HS
Colin SmithA/Head of Social Studies Department ​​Abu Dhabi MS/HS
Roula NassarHead of Mathematics Department Abu Dhabi MS/HS​​  
Nadjib AbbidiHead of IT Department Abu Dhabi MS/HS​
Hala Shawkat ShawqiHead of Islamic Studies Department Abu Dhabi​ MS/HS​​​
Mangala El CharifHead of Foreign Language Department  Abu Dhabi​​ MS/HS
Alaa aldin DarwishPE CoordinatorAll Campuses
Dr. Younes AlomariArabic and Islamic SpecialistAll Campuses
Layal Bou HamdanMath Specialist
All Campuses
Fatima Al ZaabiHead of Arabic Department Abu Dhabi Elementary​
Jamila Al AmeriHead of Islamic Department  Abu Dhabi Elementary
Nada HaddadHead of SEN Department Abu Dhabi MS/HS & Elementary​
Mai Mohamed Al MansooriHead of Arabic & Islamic Studies Ruwais MS/HS
Karen Mohamad DanaHead of English Department Ruwais MS/HS
Matthew SchrockHead of Mathematics Department Ruwais MS/HS
Abdullah Al QaysiHead of Science Department Ruwais MS/HS
James Gleeson
Head of Social Science Department Ruwais MS/HS
Kathleen Chmait
HOD Elementary Ruwais
Mariam Rashed Al MansooriHead of Islamic Department Ruwais Elementary
Saeeda Al MansooriHead of Arabic Department Madinat Zayed MS/HS & Elementary
Michel HatoumHead of Math Department Madinat Zayed
Raisa Musaied Al MansooriHead of Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies Ghayathi​​
Henry ReidHOD Elementary


​​Dana AlMerabi
Abu Dhabi Elementary Campus
Maya Cheaib
Abu Dhabi MS/HS Female Campus​
Abu Dhabi MS/HS Male Campus
Iyad Kamel Hamdan
Ruwais Elementary Campus
Madinat Zayed Elementary Campus
Jaafer AssiMS/HS Madinat Zayed Campus
TBA​Ghayathi Elementary Campus