Professional Development

The ADNOC Schools participated in two weeks of professional development sessions. The sessions were workshop format involving group activities and interaction. Some sessions were organized internally and others were conducted by specialists that were brought in from different parts of the world to train and refresh the teachers. The following are the two main areas of focus:

6+1 Traits of Writing and Writer’s Workshop:

In this intensive four day training session, English teachers K-12 received training on the revolutionary writing program and teaching methodology of 6+1 traits. Presenters were given information before the session on specific materials used in our curriculum as well as the specific challenges being faced in the English classrooms in respect to writing. The training session was tailored to address our needs and curriculum as a school. Practical approaches and theories were given to the teachers and modelled throughout the sessions allowing the teachers to see firsthand how the proposed plan can be adapted in their classrooms with their students.

Throughout the four days, participants:

Behavioral Training:

The entire staff K-12 was split into four sub-groups of approximately fifty participants. Each sub-group received two full days of workshop training.

Behavior Needs Ltd. provided exciting, thought-provoking behavior management and motivation training courses. The outstanding training workshops were designed and delivered in a fun, active learning format which maximized learner participation, engagement and retention.

Throughout the two days, participants:

Some quotes from teachers.

Both Rob and Fin did a fantastic job not only explaining the concepts and strategies they have developed over years of experience to manage behavior and motivate students, but also took the time to actively model each idea and USE them on all of us during the session so that we could experience just how effective these approaches are first hand. I know that I came out of those two sessions a much better teacher and that my students are already benefiting in the classroom as a result.