Welcome to ADNOC Schools Ghayathi, were we work together to support and build our future leaders through our academically rigorous curriculum.  Ghayathi staff work to integrate creativity and imagination across the curriculum in everyday learning experiences, providing students with the opportunity to explore and learn in a positive environment.


ADNOC Ghayathi staff holds ourselves accountable for exposing our students to global outlook while still maintaining and respecting the UAE culture. We work hard to promote a collaborative environment where staff, community and parents come together to build the future leaders of Ghayathi and the UAE. To this end, we encourage the entire Ghayathi community to play an active role in the education of our students.


ADNOC Ghayathi is working hard to become one of the leading educational sights in the region. The leadership team is working to continue to develop strong teachers, and hold them accountable for providing students with high level of 21st century-based learning environment.  Teachers are holding student's accountability to higher standards of learning, and encouraging them to become responsible, active learners. Together with parental support, the future of our students looks bright.

We have set our goals high, and I am confident that with the support of the parents, community, and staff we will reach all the goals we have set for the school.

Ms. Wendy Brock