Saudi Arabia 88th National Day

Students from ADNOC Schools showed their support for the 88th Saudi Arabia National Day. They sang the UAE and Saudi Arabia National Anthems and took part in school activities as a sign of friendship and respect. [View++]


Promotion Ceremony KG2 & GRADE 5

Grade 5
On Tuesday, the Grade 5 students celebrated the end of the year by attending a Promotion Ceremony dedicated to them. The students were buzzing with excitement when their big day arrived. They were the stars of the day! The girls and boys felt like celebrities walking down the red carpet onto the stage in their promotion gowns and caps. After a busy year of hard work and dedication, the students delivered a wonderful performance for their parents and teachers. Each class performed two songs that were met with great applause. They stood on the stage with great pride, and felt very happy with what they have achieved in the past year. The fact that they graduated in the Year of Zayed made it an extra special honor for them, and they enjoyed the ceremony very much. Students expressed their excitement, confidence, and positivity about going to Grade 6 after feeling so special on the day of the ceremony. They felt grown up and important being dressed in their beautiful dresses, kanduras and gowns. Overall, the day was a big success. Students, teachers and parents all felt pleased and proud of the achievements of the year.

The Promotion Ceremony was a time for the KG2s to celebrate all their success throughout this academic year. The hundreds of parents in attendance proudly watched as their children walked the red carpet toward their next step in ADNOC Schools - Grade 1. The children sang and danced and enjoyed the celebratory party in honor of all they have achieved this year. Well done to all our KG2 students. We are all so proud of you and we wish you every success next year. [View++]


ADNOC Schools Chairman urges the Graduating Class of 2018 to Dream Big, Reach High and Make the UAE Proud

Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the ADNOC Schools Board of Trustees, delivered his keynote address to over 100 graduating students at the Sas Al Nakhl and Al Ruwais 2018 Graduation Ceremonies. The Chairman lauded the young graduates for their excellent academic record and counseled them to continue to aim high and make their country proud. During his speech, he underscored the role STEM will play in building the UAE of tomorrow and the opportunity they will have as future innovators and visionaries to showcase UAE’s ambitions and achievements to the world. The Chairman concluded his speech by asking the students to stay true to their roots and always reflect the values of their school, family and nation. [View++]


National Military Service

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, ADNOC Schools-Male Campus had a representative from the UAE military visit the school. Brigadier Staff Pilot Hamad Al Kaabi came to speak to all 11th and 12th grade students about the UAE National Military service program. The students were provided with information and updates related to the registration process and what to expect in the service. The experience was an excellent way to introduce our young men to National Service and we thank Mr. Al Kaabi and the UAE military for the opportunity. [View++]



ADNOC students beat out four other teams to take top spot in Abu Dhabi carrier’s innovation challenge

Abu Dhabi, UAE – February 7th, 2018: A team of five students from ADNOC Schools reached first place in Etihad Airways’ Artificial Intelligence Competition, held in Abu Dhabi. With five teams and over 40 students participating, the competition challenged the children to develop a service or solution that harnesses the power of AI technology in order to solve a problem or create a new capability within the aviation or air transport sectors. The competition, held by Etihad and enabled by IBM technology, was held as part of the UAE’s Innovation Month.

The competition took place in several phases. The students were first required to familiarize themselves with IBM’s Digital Nation (D-NA), a brand new platform, which they were the first in the Middle East to have access to. This was followed by a variety of workshops hosted by IBM, which allowed students to learn how to use AI technology in real-world environments.

The competition itself was held between 4-6 February in Abu Dhabi. Students worked in their teams to create the projects, choosing one of two problem scenarios and utilizing IBM D-NA technology in order to create their solution. The winning team, A.I.rlines from ADNOC Schools, created “Murshid”, an intelligent “chatbot” that acts as a personal assistant, optimizing transit passengers’ experience, via a mobile app. The app utilized chat, map utilities, and Application Programming Interfaces.

Nilay Ozral, Chief Executive Officer, Aldar Academies, Operator & Manager of ADNOC Schools, expressed excitement at the team’s victory, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our students’ performance in Etihad’s AI Competition. At ADNOC Schools, we place a heavy focus on STEM subjects, and our students’ success is an indicator of this. Our students have shown their own talent and facility with complex, cutting edge technology and, more importantly, have displayed their ability to learn new things quickly and go on to succeed. We’re very thankful to Etihad for creating such an exciting event, and are extremely proud of our winning team, as well as all the ADNOC Schools students who participated in the competition.”

A panel of five judges from Etihad and IBM judged the teams’ projects based on functionality, creativity, practicality and viability, with the results being delivered at Etihad Headquarters on 7 February. The prizes awarded included internships at Etihad, flights to Baku, Azerbaijan and three-month subscriptions to IBM Digital Nation. [View++]


jiu-jitsu championship (Under 15)

The Jiu-jitsu World Championship (under 15) was held on 24 September in Montenegro. One of our students, Abdallah Ahmad Al Dhaheri in grade 10, achieved 2nd position in the tournament. Abdullah Ahmad Al Dhaheri was honored by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Congratulations to the UAE and ADNOC Schools on this achievement! [View++]


ADNOC Appoints Aldar Academies to Operate Four ADNOC Schools

Press Release: Abu Dhabi, UAE – May 16, 2017: The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has signed an agreement appointing Aldar Academies to operate and manage four ADNOC Schools in Abu Dhabi and across the Al Dhafra Region: Sas Al Nakhl Campus, Ruwais Campus, Madinat Zayed Campus, and Ghayathi Campus.
The agreement, which reinforces ADNOC’s commitment to delivering the highest quality education across its ADNOC Schools, was signed by Ghannam Al Mazrouei Chairman of the ADNOC Schools Board of Trustees, and H.E. Mohammed Al Mubarak, CEO of Aldar and Chairman of Aldar Academies.
“ADNOC Schools are committed to delivering a world-class education - one that enriches the economic and social fabric of the Emirate - and which builds on the achievements of our schools since their establishment in 2008,” said Al Mazrouie.
“Today marks an important milestone in the ADNOC Schools’ journey as we prepare our students to reach their highest potential and also create new professional development opportunities for our cadre of teaching staff.  In doing so, we’re delighted to appoint Aldar Academies, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading education providers, to share their best practice experience, knowledge, innovation, and operational excellence.”
Aldar Academies operates seven leading private schools in the UAE.
Al Mubarak said: “Our collaboration with ADNOC opens a new chapter in the company’s vision to deliver the best education opportunities and we are proud to support the achievements of ADNOC Schools as we work together to provide their students with a strong academic curriculum and provide pastoral care that puts the needs of students, teachers and parents first as we achieve our shared ambition to deliver educational excellence.”
Aldar Academies will start managing the four campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra, which deliver an American curriculum education to 7,000 KG-G12 students, from the start of the new academic year, in September, following a transition period.
H.E Eng. Hamad Al Dhaheri, ADEC’s Private Schools & Quality Assurance Executive Director; said “We are confident the partnership between ADNOC and Aldar Academies will support the successful development of future generations of national talent. It will ensure students benefit from an advanced education curricula, supported by the best international teaching standards and modern learning methods, in accordance with the ambitious vision of the Abu Dhabi Education Council.”

About ADNOC:
ADNOC is a major diversified group of energy and petrochemical companies, that produces about 3 million barrels of oil and 9.8 billion cubic feet of raw gas a day. Its integrated upstream, midstream and downstream activities are carried out by 16 specialist subsidiary and joint venture companies. To find out more visit
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About Aldar Academies:

Aldar Academies, a division of Aldar Properties PJSC, is a leading provider of private education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The educator provides inspiring learning environments, combining the very best academic, arts and sporting facilities with the highest standards of teaching. From a single school with 250 students in 2007, Aldar Academies now operates six schools in Abu Dhabi and one in Al Ain with almost 6,000 students. Aldar Academies’ institutions have been rated “Outstanding” by the Abu Dhabi Education Council in its most recent assessments.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Zeina Mahfouz - Memac Ogilvy Public Relations
T: 02 679 7657




On Friday 28th  April ADNOC Schools Abu Dhabi attended the second UAE Teen Sports and Fitness Awards. we are very happy to announce that ADNOC Schools came second as best Emirati Sports School. This is a great achievement and shows all the good work that we do.


Basketball Clinic Event

17th November 2016, ADNOC School (Sas Al Nakhl Campus) had hosted the Basketball Clinic for P.E. Teachers. The session was led by Coach – Mr. Felton Sealey, ex-NBA player and current professional coach of the GCC National Teams & East Asia National Teams and Clubs.

40 Teachers from ADNOC Schools along with the P.E. Teachers from other Schools in Abu Dhabi had participated in the Clinic that was divided into theoretical and practical parts.


The International Day of Tolerance

It is known that humanitarian congregation  is a  need  that  Wise  expressed long in their  saying: "Man is social, by nature," This means  that he must communicate, cooperate and coexist with others .Such a claim  in order to be right and sensible ,it is a must for Human behavior to be based on love and  tolerance. The Holy Quran explained that the purpose of  Creation is to share with others amicability, love and harmony through the construction of a social human entity based on mutual understanding, cooperation and piety. Allah the Almighty said ( O people, we have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that  you may know one another. Indeed ,the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of  you .Indeed Allah is knowing and  Acquainted). The purpose of the creation was not rivalry and hatred, but tolerance, love and peace.
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