There is a cafeteria on campus where students may purchase sandwiches, snacks, and light meals. The service is run by ADNOC Food and is not part of the school. The cafeteria is available for use during lunch and morning break. Students may also bring their lunch from home. When using the cafeteria, queue for food and snacks in an orderly manner and pay at the cash desk. When you have finished your meal or snack, put litter in the bins provided and return trays to the tray stands. This will help make the cafeteria a pleasant place for us all to enjoy. A menu of healthy foods and snacks will be available at the cafeteria. Bear in mind that carbonated soft drinks (sodas), energy drinks, flavored milk, and non-fruit juices will not be available in the cafeteria; neither will foods high in sugar and other additives be available in the cafeteria for students, faculty, or staff. 



NOTE: During the Holy Month of Ramadan the cafeteria will be closed for all food service.