With years of teaching experience at ADNOC Schools Abu Dhabi before becoming Acting Principal, I‘ve seen firsthand just how ambitious our school community is. Positive change has been a defining feature of my tenure – change that has seen us evolve to provide a premium education for our diverse student base. Their remarkable achievements across the elementary and high school grades underscore our own success as a leading education provider.

Today, behind every classroom door, students are investigating, working collaboratively, thinking critically and creating. Yet they’re also learning to be accountable and responsible, because our aim is develop students as a whole: academically, emotionally, and physically. Achieving this is a big ambition, and one example of the high standards we expect from our students, teaching staff, and anyone else associated with the ADNOC Schools name.

We work tirelessly but with passion, care, and creativity to meet the high standards expected from us, because only by doing so can we ensure our students reach and exceed their potential. With ADNOC Schools Abu Dhabi, our students’ potential is limitless.

Today, we are creating the future leaders of Abu Dhabi industry, while preparing our students to achieve great things wherever in the world their path may lead. As Acting Principal, I aim to make this happen as a community, by listening to our parents and sharing expertise with our education partners to ensure we build upon the progress we’ve made to date.

I thank our community for its continued dedication to ADNOC Schools Abu Dhabi, and our shared commitment to our students’ future – one that is full of promise.

Ms. Heather Wakelin