Welcome to ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhl,

Where a strong academic foundation, problem solving skills, creativity and critical thinking are nurtured in global minded graduates who are prepared for intellectual and social success in the 21st century. Our mission is to deliver a Western style education based on the Massachusetts Curricular Framework to Emirati and other students.

ADNOC Schools - Sas Al Nakhl has a strong tradition of integrating creativity and imagination across the disciplines in everyday learning experiences. Additionally, faculty and students at ADNOC schools are mindful to remain compassionate while holding ourselves and others accountable, and maintaining a global outlook which respects national Arabic and Islamic heritage as well as world cultures. ADNOC Schools, in line with the UAE governments' pioneering initiatives, aim to become the premier STEAM Schools in the region; graduating highly competent and socially responsible citizens and leaders.

At ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhl, our teachers and staff understand the importance of developing in our students an understanding of how they learn best, and how they know what they know. As a result, our teaching and learning experiences are designed to provide opportunities for our students to reflect upon their responses to people and situations, and to resolve conflict in meaningful ways.

Our unique combination of a student centered, inquiry based academic environment alongside the use of educational best practice, supported by a committed, stakeholder community fosters confident and resourceful graduates who are well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century—not only academically, but as members of an ever-widening global community.

I invite you to visit our campuses and see us in action,

Dr. Kate Sutton Jones