​​​​​​ADNOC Science Labs

The main component of teaching any science course is the lab work. Students master scientific theories and concepts by performing experiments that add value and deepen their knowledge.

The male and female campuses in Abu Dhabi operate with state-of-the-art science labs, each campus having 3 dry labs for Physics and 4 wet labs, 2 for Biology and 2 for Chemistry. These labs are run by qualified and experienced lab technicians; on each campus, a lab technician is in charge of the dry labs and another one of the wet labs.

The labs are fully equipped with useful and high tech apparatus, including all types of measuring devices, data loggers, and sophisticated equipment for experiments pertaining to General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics. Lab items and chemicals are ordered on a yearly basis to keep the labs functional and safe for the learning process.

The safety of the students and faculty is a top priority. For this purpose, the labs are equipped with fume hoods, safety showers and eye wash stations.

Last but not least, our aim is to educate the young generations and to instill in them the love of Science with the vision of forming future scientists and engineers who will work for the development and the welfare of mankind.​