English III

This course is designed to all​ow students to extend their analytical skill set and delve into more complex research. An informative/explanatory focus will run throughout the year, allowing students to critique and produce biographies, newspaper reports, mini-lessons, and formal research papers. Students will tackle themes such as Environment, Types of Conflict, Social Class, and Government.

English I​V

This year, students will build their academic ability through a focus on writing for different purposes, analyzing texts, and the reading of both literature from different cultures and ‘everyday’ informational texts such as instruction manuals, recipes and guidebooks. They will complete two thematic units during the year, Adaptive Communication and Cultural Diversity. In both units, there will be analytical quizzes, opportunities for presentation and leading discussions, writing essays and a major project that will require collaboration with other students, demonstrating critical thinking, being creative, and presenting these conclusions to peers and teachers.