School Clinic

There is a clinic located in each campus (room G042) that is staffed by a qualified nurse. A doctor is on call for unusual cases and in case of emergency. In case of a medical complaint, a student should first request teacher permission to visit the nurse. If the teacher feels that the visit is indeed warranted, the teacher will fill out a hall pass for the student. The student will then take the Hall Pass to the clinic. After the clinic visit, the school nurse will initial the hall pass and note the time of departure. The student should then proceed directly back to class and give the Hall Pass back to the teacher. If the situation is more severe, the school nurse will liaise with the headmaster or school principal who will contact the parents if necessary.

A student who persistently asks to see the school nurse unnecessarily may receive a CMR. Visits to the clinic should be kept to a minimum, except in the case of serious illness, emergencies, or for those students who must take regular medication.

Students may go to the clinic during their break or between classes; however, the school nurse has been asked to send the student to class with a hall pass indicating the time the student left the clinic office. Please note that any student who frequently shows up to class late with a hall pass from the school nurse will go on record with immediate notification sent to the headmaster’s or school principal’s office.

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