ADNOC Schools’ inaugural Careers and University Fair guides students towards a transformative future

• Over 17 leading UAE universities joined representatives from the Military Academy to help students explore their academic and career opportunities
• RAK Bank also attended to help students prepare for their financial futures
• The event supports the UAE leadership’s progress in strengthening its knowledge-based economy through an educated and empowered youth
Abu Dhabi, UAE – January 22 2019: ADNOC Schools today hosted its inaugural Careers and University Fair at the Madinat Zayed campus to help guide Grade 10, 11 and 12 students towards a future as the UAE’s next leaders of industry.

The event saw 17 leading UAE universities join members of the UAE’s Military Academy to provide students with personal guidance on their higher education and career options, helping them choose a path that aligns to their skills and passion.

University representatives also gave students and their parents practical advice on applying for their preferred institution and program, alongside a comprehensive view of the breadth of study options available in the UAE. Institutions including New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), Al Ain University of Science and Technology, UAE University, and Gulf Medical University shared their insight with approximately 150 ADNOC Schools students and their families. RAK Bank also attended to assist ADNOC schools’ 2019 graduates in setting up student bank accounts before they embark on the next stages of their educational journey.

“Having the nation’s leading educational institutes gather under one roof to share such valuable insight is an unmissable opportunity for our students and parents,” said Wendy Birch, Principal of ADNOC Schools Madinat Zayed campus. “I’m proud to see such curiosity and enthusiasm from all our students as they look to broaden their horizons, challenge themselves, and ultimately help build a prosperous future for their country,” she added.

The leading school network, which operates four campuses across Abu Dhabi and the Western Region, provides students with a STEM-focused education that will ultimately enable them to make a transformative contribution to the UAE’s knowledge economy.

“Today’s event is one of many ways ADNOC Schools has helped us prepare for our next step, and the community has always been a supportive influence,” commented Sara Mohamed Al Mansoori, a Grade 12 student at ADNOC Schools Madinat Zayed campus who hopes to study Chemical Engineering at Khalifa University. “We see the school councilors more as mentors – they’re always available to talk about our ambitions and help us set SMART goals to achieve them,” she added.

“The fair has been a valuable opportunity to really understand just how many opportunities I have for higher education in the UAE, and where that will lead me,” commented Nahyan Hamdan Al Mansouri, a Grade 12 student who plans to study Computer Engineering at NYUAD. “We’re a small town here, but the school has helped us all to think big and feel confident going after whatever we’re passionate about,” he added. [View++]


ADNOC Schools Honors its Kumon Program High-Achievers

Abu Dhabi, UAE – December 11 2018: This week, ADNOC Schools celebrated the students who have excelled as participants of the world-acclaimed Kumon learning method – a few months after the program was piloted at two of the education provider’s schools.
Launched in partnership with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd. (JODCO) and the Kumon Institute of Education (KIE), the learning program supports ADNOC Schools’ commitment to excellence in STEM education across its four campuses.
Recognizing the accomplishment, Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of ADNOC Schools and Director of Human Capital & Administration at ADNOC, was joined by Kazuyoshi Arisaka, Director and General Manager of JODCO Abu Dhabi branch and Masaki Tsuda, General Manager of KIE, Abu Dhabi, to present awards to participating students at ADNOC Schools’ Sas Al Nakhl campus on December 09, 2018 and Madinat Zayed campus on December 10, 2018.
The award ceremonies honored the outstanding accomplishments of the more than 100 students across Grade 1 who have participated in the program so far. Students were awarded ‘Hardest Worker’, ‘Inspiring Award’ and ‘Best Instructor’ accolades, among other certificates, in recognition of their progress on the program.
Al Mazrouei said: “On behalf of the ADNOC Group, I am extremely proud of the students who have displayed remarkable dedication and progress during the Kumon program. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to students’ parents for their trust in the Kumon learning method and for encouraging their children to pursue greater academic and life opportunities.
“ADNOC’s partnership with JODCO and KIE is a testimony to ADNOC Schools’ firm commitment to promoting innovative and effective educational opportunities across our schools, with a particular focus on self-learning and growth that are so critical to the future of our country,” he added.
Yozo Ogawa, Chief Coordinator of KIE, shared, “We’re thrilled to see the continued success of the Kumon method here in Abu Dhabi. In fact, our partnership with ADNOC Schools is one of the best implementations of the Kumon program I’ve seen around the world. This is a testament to both the effectiveness of our methods and the value that ADNOC Schools places on the STEM skills as a vital tool for the next generation. These awards tell us that a promising pool of future industry leaders is emerging here in the UAE.”
The world-renowned Japanese learning program has proven to help students build greater confidence and improve mathematical skills across many levels of proficiency. Kumon’s learning method uses an individualized approach, aimed to unleash the potential of children through daily practice and mastery of learning materials to help develop their study and test taking skills. The program has also been lauded for its ability to help students build better learning habits, and a strong understanding of fundamental topics.
To date, the Kumon method has helped hone the advanced study skills of over 4.2 million students across 51 countries. Prior to the recent achievements of ADNOC Schools students and other participating schools, ADNOC, JODCO and KIE discussed plans to roll the program out over the next five years to a total of 10 schools in Abu Dhabi and the Al Dhafra region. This expanded reach would positively impact almost 10,000 students from Grades 1 to 5. [View++]


LEGO® Education

ADNOC and LEGO® Education Deepen Partnership to Enhance STEM Education among UAE Youth

Abu Dhabi, UAE – November 28, 2018: To accelerate delivery of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the company held a one-day forum with LEGO Education in order to deepen the company’s strategic partnership with the organization and enhance the next generation’s education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Senior leaders from LEGO Education and their partner ATLAB – a technology-based learning solutions company – visited the ADNOC School in Sas Al Nakhl, where they met with administrators, teachers and students to evaluate the success of ADNOC’s LEGO Education program, assess the effectiveness of classrooms’ innovative learning studios and identify expansion and enhancement opportunities – with the goal of ensuring the program continues to deliver valuable learning solutions for the year ahead.

Speaking at the forum, Reem Al Buainain, Manager of CSR at ADNOC, said, “We place great emphasis on building strong STEM initiatives that enable our youth to develop the skills needed to power their careers while supporting the UAE’s economic development plans for Centennial 2071. Our successful partnership with LEGO Education demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our nation’s students are well-equipped with the right training, mindset and work ethic to contribute to the future success and prosperity of the UAE.”

Josh Graham, Region Manager for the Middle East, Africa and the Ukraine at LEGO Education, said, “This collaboration continues to equip students at ADNOC Schools with the STEM/STEAM skills needed to pursue 21st century jobs that, in some cases, are yet to exist. Discussing the LEGO Education innovation studio’s impact on learning with 300 teaching faculty at an ADNOC school campus was a fantastic highlight. In addition the forum helped showcase the positive impact that LEGO Education’s resources – and ADNOC Schools’ inspirational teachers – have in the daily classroom, by delivering hands-on, playful learning experiences that ignite students’ natural curiosity and imagination.”

Dr. Kate Sutton Jones, Principal at the ADNOC School’s Sas Al Nahkl campus, said, “We were honored to host representatives of LEGO Education, ADNOC and ATLAB. Our visitors had the opportunity to view and interact with students using the LEGO Innovation Labs. It was exciting for all of us to see student engagement, demonstrations of their coding and programming ability alongside the all-important skills of creativity, collaboration, problem solving and communication. The visit ended with a presentation to faculty members on the future plans of this valuable initiative.”

In November 2017, ADNOC signed an agreement with ATLAB/Emphor, a strategic partner of LEGO Education, to construct LEGO Education Innovation Studios in all ADNOC Schools, establish creative labs, teacher training, and development programs, and provide access to LEGO Education’s global online collaboration communities. [View++]


Flag Day

ADNOC SCHOOL ELEMENTARY – Madinat Zayed was invited to celebrate UAE Flag Day with Al Dhafra Region Municipality on 1st November 2018 [View++]



ADNOC Schools introduced Kumon the leading Japanese math program to all their Grade 1 students earlier this year after an agreement between ADNOC and JODCO (the Japanese oil company). The Kumon approach is holistic in nature as it multi-targets all the vital skills to develop well-rounded individuals. Kumon not only improves academic ability and encourages self-learning but also increases self-esteem, independence, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Kumon is different from passive learning programs, instead of taking notes, memorizing facts and being fed information students actively develop their skills through carefully designed worksheets. These worksheets contain examples on how to solve every type of problem, empowering students to self-learn new concepts. Each worksheet is more advanced than the one before, ensuring students truly absorb the ideas and understand the fundamentals before moving on. This investment will bring about unparalleled success for our students, the school and ultimately the country. The success of Kumon worldwide is based upon the principles of positive reinforcement and self-learning.
History of Kumon
In 1954 in Japan a father and gifted math teacher named Toru Kumon wanted his young son, Takeshi, to develop a love for learning. He also wanted him to be thoroughly prepared for rigorous high school and college entrance exams in his future. Short, incremental assignments helped his son to master concepts. Each day Toru gave Takeshi short incremental assignments to complete, allowing his son to master each concept completely before learning a new skill. The method was so successful that by sixth grade, Takeshi was solving calculus problems. As Toru’s son started studying far beyond grade-level, other parents took notice. As young Takeshi Kumon’s ability improved, other parents took notice and their interest in Toru Kumon’s unique step-by-step self-learning method grew. Today, Kumon has helped millions of students across 50 countries. The Kumon Worksheets are the key to its success. For more information on Kumon please visit their website: [View++]


Saudi Arabia 88th National Day

Students from ADNOC Schools showed their support for the 88th Saudi Arabia National Day. They sang the UAE and Saudi Arabia National Anthems and took part in school activities as a sign of friendship and respect. [View++]


Promotion Ceremony KG2 & GRADE 5

Grade 5
On Tuesday, the Grade 5 students celebrated the end of the year by attending a Promotion Ceremony dedicated to them. The students were buzzing with excitement when their big day arrived. They were the stars of the day! The girls and boys felt like celebrities walking down the red carpet onto the stage in their promotion gowns and caps. After a busy year of hard work and dedication, the students delivered a wonderful performance for their parents and teachers. Each class performed two songs that were met with great applause. They stood on the stage with great pride, and felt very happy with what they have achieved in the past year. The fact that they graduated in the Year of Zayed made it an extra special honor for them, and they enjoyed the ceremony very much. Students expressed their excitement, confidence, and positivity about going to Grade 6 after feeling so special on the day of the ceremony. They felt grown up and important being dressed in their beautiful dresses, kanduras and gowns. Overall, the day was a big success. Students, teachers and parents all felt pleased and proud of the achievements of the year.

The Promotion Ceremony was a time for the KG2s to celebrate all their success throughout this academic year. The hundreds of parents in attendance proudly watched as their children walked the red carpet toward their next step in ADNOC Schools - Grade 1. The children sang and danced and enjoyed the celebratory party in honor of all they have achieved this year. Well done to all our KG2 students. We are all so proud of you and we wish you every success next year. [View++]


ADNOC Schools Chairman urges the Graduating Class of 2018 to Dream Big, Reach High and Make the UAE Proud

Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the ADNOC Schools Board of Trustees, delivered his keynote address to over 100 graduating students at the Sas Al Nakhl and Al Ruwais 2018 Graduation Ceremonies. The Chairman lauded the young graduates for their excellent academic record and counseled them to continue to aim high and make their country proud. During his speech, he underscored the role STEM will play in building the UAE of tomorrow and the opportunity they will have as future innovators and visionaries to showcase UAE’s ambitions and achievements to the world. The Chairman concluded his speech by asking the students to stay true to their roots and always reflect the values of their school, family and nation. [View++]


National Military Service

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, ADNOC Schools-Male Campus had a representative from the UAE military visit the school. Brigadier Staff Pilot Hamad Al Kaabi came to speak to all 11th and 12th grade students about the UAE National Military service program. The students were provided with information and updates related to the registration process and what to expect in the service. The experience was an excellent way to introduce our young men to National Service and we thank Mr. Al Kaabi and the UAE military for the opportunity. [View++]



ADNOC students beat out four other teams to take top spot in Abu Dhabi carrier’s innovation challenge

Abu Dhabi, UAE – February 7th, 2018: A team of five students from ADNOC Schools reached first place in Etihad Airways’ Artificial Intelligence Competition, held in Abu Dhabi. With five teams and over 40 students participating, the competition challenged the children to develop a service or solution that harnesses the power of AI technology in order to solve a problem or create a new capability within the aviation or air transport sectors. The competition, held by Etihad and enabled by IBM technology, was held as part of the UAE’s Innovation Month.

The competition took place in several phases. The students were first required to familiarize themselves with IBM’s Digital Nation (D-NA), a brand new platform, which they were the first in the Middle East to have access to. This was followed by a variety of workshops hosted by IBM, which allowed students to learn how to use AI technology in real-world environments.

The competition itself was held between 4-6 February in Abu Dhabi. Students worked in their teams to create the projects, choosing one of two problem scenarios and utilizing IBM D-NA technology in order to create their solution. The winning team, A.I.rlines from ADNOC Schools, created “Murshid”, an intelligent “chatbot” that acts as a personal assistant, optimizing transit passengers’ experience, via a mobile app. The app utilized chat, map utilities, and Application Programming Interfaces.

Nilay Ozral, Chief Executive Officer, Aldar Academies, Operator & Manager of ADNOC Schools, expressed excitement at the team’s victory, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our students’ performance in Etihad’s AI Competition. At ADNOC Schools, we place a heavy focus on STEM subjects, and our students’ success is an indicator of this. Our students have shown their own talent and facility with complex, cutting edge technology and, more importantly, have displayed their ability to learn new things quickly and go on to succeed. We’re very thankful to Etihad for creating such an exciting event, and are extremely proud of our winning team, as well as all the ADNOC Schools students who participated in the competition.”

A panel of five judges from Etihad and IBM judged the teams’ projects based on functionality, creativity, practicality and viability, with the results being delivered at Etihad Headquarters on 7 February. The prizes awarded included internships at Etihad, flights to Baku, Azerbaijan and three-month subscriptions to IBM Digital Nation. [View++]
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