​​I am Mr.G. (Paul Grimaud), the Principal of the MZ Campus. I am happy to have the opportunity to serve students, serve parents, serve staff, and serve the MZ community. Adnoc Madinat Zayed is here to Serve Students. The MZ Team is dedicated to continuous improvements to ensure the growth of every student and the lifelong success of ALL students.

I have a 17-year experience in education as a Teacher, HOD, Curriculum Coordinator, Vice Principal, and Principal. I am a Masters and Post Graduate degree holder in Education and Management, have IB experience, and am a certified USA Principal. I am a steward who pays attention to the details, builds others up, and challenges all toward higher levels of rigor and outcomes for students.

Real life success does not depend on Marks or 100%. Life is about failing, falling, and striving to be better. Our goal is to align with Zayeds Vision and the UAE Agenda to be # 1. The UAE began with thoughts, words spoken, a vision, and relentless actions. The Power of Hazza AI Mansouri's thoughts brought him to space. We want the thoughts and actions of MZ students to manifest, so they create the futures they want for themselves. Our focus is on teamwork to help students become the best Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen/woman, astronauts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and Police.

As a Team, our target is to reach Very Good in our next Adek inspection for our MZ Students.