​​The city of Ruwais is Where Opportunity Lives! Our 2018 community slogan permeates throughout Ruwais and ADNOC Schools Ruwais campus is leading the way. It is our goal to provide an optimal learning environment that engages all students and their families. It is in our daily practices that our students’ opportunities to learn within the walls of the school and outside in the community are rigorous, relevant, and real-world.

Our students represent the global society, as Emirati and others alike, serving as leaders through their problems solving abilities, critical and creative thinking, and innovation. Our students’ academic experiences are integrated through the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). Therefore, our students are showcasing and illustrating their 21st century skills.

Our school and community leaders work in partnership to provide our students with real-world and relevant experiences that ensure the success for our students in the future and that embraces the UAE beautiful culture. We have been strategic in our actions to simultaneously develop age-appropriate lessons with the demands that the future will require.

The United Arab Emirate 2021 vision that was launch by H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makoum in 2010 that UAE is amongst the best countries in the world. We are confident that through our comprehensive learning approaches and partnerships with the school and Ruwais community organizations that our students aid with the UAE vision.

I am honored and committed to serving as your school principal. Your support, involvement, and engagement have been unwavering and they are appreciated!

Educationally Yours,
Ms. Angelique Lorine Smith