Admissions 2024 - 2025

A quality education is one of the most valuable aspects of anyone's life. You have an opportunity to secure an outstanding education for your child with ADNOC Schools.

We strive to deliver a world-class education; one that empowers students to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to society. ADNOC Schools' teach the highly regarded four core subjects of Massachusetts State curriculum.

We kindly encourage you to enroll your child with ADNOC Schools for the 2024 - 2025 academic year and see them flourish as socially responsible citizens and future national leaders.

Under the direction of Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi's leading private education provider, ADNOC Schools is building on its success to help your child thrive in an environment of excellence, propelling them to the world's most prestigious universities.

Admission Procedures

Campus Visit:

ADNOC Schools values the importance of visiting and touring a school before making the decision to enroll. We encourage all future students and their parents to visit our School campuses to meet with a member of our school leadership team or a representative from our Admission Team, and potentially meet with some of our senior high school students.  A school tour is highly recommended for parents and potential students to learn more about our students' life, campus rules, the academic program, the extra-curricular activities and the school facilities.

  • To book a visit, please contact our Admissions Team via the Contact Admissions Form and a member of our team will contact you to agree a mutually suitable time and date for you and your family to visit the school.

Apply Online

  • Apply for a place at one of our ADNOC Schools within three easy steps via our online Application Form; Step 1: Complete the form; Step 2: Upload a copy of your child’s passport and the latest report card; Step 3: Submit your application. Please see our Online Admission Application Guidelines for further details. Note: Families with a child already enrolled at ADNOC Schools and wish to enrol other sibling(s), must complete a new application.

  • Once complete, you will receive an automatically generated email confirming your application has been successfully submitted.

  • Note: Any technical issues or enquiries regarding the online application form, please contact us via the Contact Admissions form.

Please note: the Application Completion email does not guarantee admission nor does it warrant automatic registration.

Admission Priority

Applicants to ADNOC Schools are selected based on academic achievement and good behavioral records. The Admissions Committee considers current capacity at the recommended grade level, student aptitude, and social/emotional maturity, with special attention given to each applicant's prior academic and non-academic records in school, as measured by grades.


ADNOC Schools does not discriminate, based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender or physical ability in the admission of its students, in the administration of its educational policies and programs.

Priority for school places will be given to:

  • Siblings of current ADNOC Schools' students.

  • Children of ADNOC Schools staff

  • Transferring students from another ADNOC Schools’ branch: Parents must inform the Admissions Officer in their current branch to proceed with the transfer.

  • Children of an ADNOC staff member in the following priority:

    • One of the parents is a current ADNOC Company employee

    • One of the parents is an employee of any of the ADNOC sister companies

    • One of the Parents is an employee of any affiliated organization with ADNOC

  • Former ADNOC students wishing to return to ADNOC Schools

  • Children of former ADNOC Schools students

  • All other students meeting admission requirements

Entry Assessment Process and Requirements

1.       Student Assessment: 

If places are available, the Admissions Team will request initial documents to plan for the applicant’s entrance assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the skills of your child and, in the case of younger children, assess school readiness and level of maturity. The assessment will provide a basis for the school to identify any support or intervention deemed necessary.

The school cannot accept a child for enrolment until the entrance assessment is conducted, to ensure that we are able to provide an appropriate program for his/her needs.

Required documentation for the assessment:

  • Applicant’s passport copy or Emirates ID (uploaded in online application)

  • Latest 3 years report cards (uploaded in online application)

  • School Recommendation letter filled by current school.

(Failure to submit the required documents within 10 days from receiving the first official call/email from the Admissions Team, is grounds for ADNOC Schools to cancel the application. Should this happen, the application will be placed on the Waiting List. Moreover, if the applicant is absent without prior notification, he/she will not be eligible for another assessment date and the application will be placed on the waiting list (excluding unavoidable circumstances).

Assessment Criteria: 

  • KG1 and KG2 Students: Are invited to attend an Early Learning Interview. The purpose of the interview will provide a basis for the school to assess school readiness and levels of maturity. Please be advised that at ADNOC Schools, we expect all children to be fully toilet trained when starting school.

  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 Students: Classroom based assessments are conducted on an individual basis. The student will complete a written assessment in English and Math independently.

  • Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 Students: Undergo a computerized basic entrance MAP assessment. The students’ results from the MAP test are used to determine their content knowledge and skills in addition to whether they meet the academic standard for the applied grade level.

  • Grade 6 to Grade 12 (Middle and High School Students): Undergo a Computerized Admissions Entrance Exam Test in Math and English. For successful admission to our school, the applicant student must pass Math and English. Note: Grade 11 and Grade 12 students are also required to complete additional assessments for the elective Science courses. Following a successful examination, follow-up meetings will be held with the School Career Counsellor to discuss options and other potential academic entry requirements.

Admission Decision: 

After the child gets assessed, the assessment results will be shared with the Academic Committee for revision and decision (acceptance or denial). Assessment/Interview outcomes are issued within 10 working days from the date of the assessment or interview. Test results are not shared and ADNOC Schools reserves the right to refuse requests for a second test and interview.

2.       Documentation (Accepted Applicants): 

The accepted applicants will receive an email with the registration link to continue the admission formalities to upload the following documents:

  • Applicant photograph

  • A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport

  • A copy of the applicant’s Residence Visa

  • A copy of the applicant’s immunization record

  • A copy of the applicant Emirates ID (both sides)

  • A copy of the Father Emirates ID (both sides)

  • A copy of the Mother Emirates ID (both sides)

  • A copy of the parent/guardian’s passport

  • In case of divorced parent: copy of the guardian passport + custody letter

  • In case of the father’s death, death certificate is required

  • A copy of the Final School Report for the Academic Year 2023/2024. (Esis report if applicable, Required by 14 July 2024)

  • A School report copy of Term 1 for the Academic Year 2023/2024 (Esis report if applicable)

  • A copy of the Final School Report for the Academic Year 2022/2023 (Esis report if applicable)

  • A copy of the Final School Report for the Academic Year 2021/2022 (Esis report if applicable)

  • Transfer Certificate or Leave Certificate (Required by 14 July 2024)

  • Copy of Electricity Bill or Tenancy Contract

  • Medical reports or SEN reports (If applicable)

  • Parent Handwritten Signature

Once applicants complete the registration forms and upload the requested documents, the Admissions Team will review and follow up with the checklist. A notification email will be sent in case of missing information/documents.

  • KG1 – Grade 1: The age of the child on August 31st:

Grade Minimum Age on 31st August Date of Birth for AY2024/2025
KG1 4 years 1st September 2019 – 31st August 2020
KG2 5 years 1st September 2018 – 31st August 2019
Grade1 6 years 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018*
*Grade1/Year2 accepted age range is 6 to 8 years as long as the date of birth falls on or before 31st August.
  • Grade 2 and above: Please note, the school shall apply ADEK guidelines relevant to transfers from schools delivering other curricula (i.e., UK National Curriculum for England). For example, if a student completed Year 3 the previous academic year, the student will be placed in Grade 3 (which is equivalent to Year 4).

Grade System
KG1 (4 years of age by 31st August)
G1 G2
G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12
Year System
FS1 (3 Years of age by 31st August)
FS1 FS2 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13

  • Students must be at an appropriate academic level for their grade to ensure placement.


Admission to G10, G11 & G12:

Students transferring from other schools and applying for grade 10, 11, & 12 will need their transcripts reviewed for credit transfer / equivalency evaluation by campus Head/Counsellor before a final decision is made on admission.

Registration and Enrolment of New Students

  • The Admissions Team will formally communicate the results of the Entrance Assessment/Interview via email followed up by a telephone call to successful applicants within 10 days. This communication will include a Registration Fee invoice for 5% of the tuition fee which is payable at the School Campus or via Bank Transfer. Please refer to our Tuition Fees section for further details. Payment of the Registration Fee will secure your child’s school place. The Registration Fee is deductible against your child’s Term 1 tuition fees and is non-refundable. If your Registration Fee is not received within 10 days of the offer, we reserve the right to offer the place to another child and your child will be moved back to the waiting list. Please note that any new enrolment during July and August, parents will be required to pay the full Term 1 fees to secure their child’s place for the coming academic year.

  • Upon payment of the Registration Fee, the parent must submit proof of payment to the Admissions Team who will then issue a Formal Acceptance Letter to the parent.

Applications Closing Date

Due to demand, certain age groups may be closed for admissions during the academic year, therefore the on-line application form can only be completed for grades where we have availability. However, if you wish to be placed on our waiting list, parents are encouraged to complete the Contact Admissions Form. As soon as seats are released, parents of those students on our waiting list will be contacted on a first come first served basis.  Please note that the transfer window for students transferring within Abu Dhabi closes in October and closes in May for students who are transferring from outside Abu Dhabi.  The first day of school for students joining during the academic year will be advised following approval from ADEK.

Re-Registration of Current Students attending ADNOC Schools

All current students are required to be re-registered to secure their school place for the upcoming academic year.  Parents will be issued with a Re-Registration Fee invoice for 5% of their Tuition Fees in April. Please note that the Re-Registration Fee is deductible against your child's Term 1 tuition fees and is non-refundable.  Any parent who is not interested in registering their child at the School must complete the School Withdrawal Form to complete the withdrawal formalities.

About Our Schools


Branch Elementary Campus: Female Campus: Male Campus:
Sas Al Nakhal
KG1 and KG2

 Grade 1 to Grade 5

Grade 6 to Grade 8

 Grade 9 to Grade 12

Grade 6 to Grade 8
Grade 9 to Grade 12
Madinat Zayed
Ghayathi n/a* n/a*

* Grade 5 students are automatically transferred to Grade 6 Male and Female campuses at Ruwais.  

  • Maximum of 25 students for KG 1 and 2

  • Maximum of 30 for grade 1 through grade 12

Students who intend to transfer between ADNOC Branches:  Parents must inform the Admissions Officer in the current branch to proceed with the transfer.

School Timings for Sas Al Nakhal Campus

School days in the United Arab Emirates run from Monday to Friday. Our school day timings are as follows:

Grade Level Regular Time (Monday to Thursday) Fridays
    KG1 & KG2     7:45 AM - 1:30 PM 7:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Grades 1 - 2 7:45 AM - 2:40 PM 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Grades 3 - 9 7:45 AM - 2:40 PM 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Grades 10 - 12 7:45 AM - 2:40 PM 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM

School Timings for Western Region Campuses (Madinat Zayed, Ruwais and Ghayathi)

Grade Level

Regular Time (Monday to Thursday) Fridays
    KG1 & KG2     7:40 AM - 1:30 PM 7:40 AM - 11:00 AM
7:40 AM - 11:20 AM 7:40 AM - 12:00 PM
Grades 1 - 12 7:40 AM - 2:40 PM 7:40 AM - 11:45 AM
7:40 AM - 11:40 AM
7:40 AM - 12:00 PM

Please refer to our current School Calendar and events for details regarding Term Times for this academic year here.