ADNOC Physical Education

The ADNOC school of Abu Dhabi physical education department will strive to help students become healthy and physically fit individuals in the society.

Nutrition, fitness and different sports will be offered in order that our students will be able to eat and act healthy in and out of school.​​


The physical education department has 3 indoor gymnasiums (male, female and elementary), 3 swimming pools (male, female, elementary) and 3 outdoor football pitches and 3 outdoor basketball courts In addition to 1 multipurpose room and 2 small rooms (male and female) used for table tennis and different light activities Out P.E. stores has equipment for all sports taught in our curriculum


The P.E. department in ADNOC school of Abu Dhabi teach the students multiple sports (fitness, varied games, football, basketball, softball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, dodgeball) in addition to basic skills and social behavior.

The P.E. department have a vast after school activities that is organized throughout the year (jiu-jitsu, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, swimming, soft ball, athletics and cycling).​

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