Welcome to ADNOC Schools Ghayathi, where we care passionately about working together to support and build our future leaders through our academically rigorous curriculum.  The staff at ADNOC Ghayathi are committed to the vision of raising achievement by providing our students with the opportunity to explore and learn in a positive learning environment.  We hold ourselves accountable for exposing our students to a global outlook while maintaining and respecting the UAE culture. 


The achievement of our students is built upon a collaborative environment where staff, community, and parents come together to develop the future leaders of Ghayathi and the UAE.  We place a strong emphasis on working with parents and the community, enabling all students to maximize their abilities, ambitions, and academic potential in everything they do. To this end, we encourage the entire Ghayathi community to play an active role in the education of our students.


ADNOC Ghayathi has chosen to place itself at the forefront of educational development and prides itself on its innovative and rich curriculum.  Our goal is to become one of the leading educational sights in the region.  The leadership team is working hard to continue to develop committed teachers who can provide our students with a high-quality 21st-century base learning environment.  Teachers are setting high expectations for their students and encouraging them to become responsible, active learners. 


I know that with our hard-working staff, the support of the parents,  and the community, we can ensure that every student achieves the very best.


Ms. Raisa Musaied Al Mansoori

ADNOC School – Ghayathi Principal