At ADNOC Schools Ghayathi, we recognize that in our society, ideas and knowledge evolve quickly. Innovation, creativity, and a passion for discovery are therefore fundamental to the success of our students, as they empower our young minds to adapt to a world that is always changing. 

This conviction defines our approach to educational excellence.

Our students are the leaders of their education, while our teachers assume the role of facilitators of knowledge. We provide our students with the choices and opportunities to explore and learn in engaging ways, but most importantly, in the ways that best suits their personalities.

Throughout their individual learning journeys, we set high standards for our students, in both academics and behavior. A shared set of core values are taught for this very reason, as it is our goal to nurture pupils as socially responsible citizens who care as much about the environment and one another as they do their personal futures.

As the principal, it is my responsibility to make sure that this future appears as positive, inspiring and attainable as possible. It is also my responsibility to ensure that ADNOC Schools Ghayathi does everything it can to prepare our students to excel tomorrow, equipped with the tools they need to be our future leaders.

To this end, I invite the entire school community to play an active role in supporting the efforts of our outstanding teaching team. When we work together towards the same goal, our success - and that of our students - is multiplied.

Ms Suzanne Watson