English I​

This course is designed to draw student attention to the craft of story-telling. Students completing this course will focus on writing, telling, and deconstructing narratives as they explore various narrative forms, including short stories, oral anecdotes, play scripts, memoirs, epic poems, films, and novels. Using their acquired knowledge, students will create their own narrative pieces. Using these narrative works as a base, English I students will discover, discuss, and integrate the unit themes of Coming of Age, Power, Cultural Differences and Perseverance as they master the skill of analyzing literature and informational texts, as well as becoming proficient speakers, listeners, and problem solvers.

English II

This course is designed to allow students to develop and add to their analytical skill set while producing dynamic presentations, exploring common topics through multiple artistic mediums, and undertaking research projects. An argumentative writing focus underlines student creation of argumentative essays, advertisement campaigns, persuasive texts portfolios, and inspirational speeches. English II students will discover, discuss, and integrate unit themes such as Justice, Reputation, Human Rights, Overcoming Adversity, Responsibility, and Dreams.