​​Parent Conferences

In The ADNOC Schools, time is set aside for individual meetings between parents and teachers two times during the school year. The first Parent-Teacher Conference is held after the first quarter of school. It is designed for parents to share information about their child’s adjustment to the new grade, provide insight into a child’s learning style, and serve as an opportunity to ask the teacher pertinent questions. Preceding conferences are held in semester 2 after quarter 3 and provide opportunities to discuss academic and social progress since the previous semester report.

 Parents may request a conference with any teacher on scheduled conference days as well as at any other time. 

Each family is expected to attend a scheduled parent conferences during the specified times. Parents are requested to schedule online conference appointments. Reminders to schedule conferences will be sent home prior to conference dates. Every effort will be made to accommodate back-to-back ten-minute conferences as needed.

The ADNOC Schools administration asks parent to respect teachers’ time by not requesting an unscheduled conference or stopping teachers in non academic settings to discuss their child’s progress or to raise concerns. A teacher’s priority and responsibility is the children in their care at all times; they also need their planning time to deliver the best instructional job for our students. Attention to these matters is greatly appreciated.​​