ADNOC Schools introduced Kumon the leading Japanese math program to all their Grade 1 students earlier this year after an agreement between ADNOC and JODCO (the Japanese oil company). The Kumon approach is holistic in nature as it multi-targets all the vital skills to develop well-rounded individuals. Kumon not only improves academic ability and encourages self-learning but also increases self-esteem, independence, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Kumon is different from passive learning programs, instead of taking notes, memorizing facts and being fed information students actively develop their skills through carefully designed worksheets. These worksheets contain examples on how to solve every type of problem, empowering students to self-learn new concepts. Each worksheet is more advanced than the one before, ensuring students truly absorb the ideas and understand the fundamentals before moving on. This investment will bring about unparalleled success for our students, the school and ultimately the country. The success of Kumon worldwide is based upon the principles of positive reinforcement and self-learning.
History of Kumon
In 1954 in Japan a father and gifted math teacher named Toru Kumon wanted his young son, Takeshi, to develop a love for learning. He also wanted him to be thoroughly prepared for rigorous high school and college entrance exams in his future. Short, incremental assignments helped his son to master concepts. Each day Toru gave Takeshi short incremental assignments to complete, allowing his son to master each concept completely before learning a new skill. The method was so successful that by sixth grade, Takeshi was solving calculus problems. As Toru’s son started studying far beyond grade-level, other parents took notice. As young Takeshi Kumon’s ability improved, other parents took notice and their interest in Toru Kumon’s unique step-by-step self-learning method grew. Today, Kumon has helped millions of students across 50 countries. The Kumon Worksheets are the key to its success. For more information on Kumon please visit their website: